Medical Claims Processing


Medical Claims Processing at Healthcare Billing Resource

You have better things to do than waste time on claims processing, making follow-up phone calls, filing appeals, and posting payments. You use Experts for your legal tax, investment, and insurance needs. Shouldn’t you use one for your most important need — claims processing? After all, that’s what pays for everything else!

Our Medical Claims Processing Services Includes:

  • Verification of Patients Insurance Benefits
  • Entering and submitting primary and secondary Medicare and commercial claims
  • Requesting and monitor Authorizations
  • Calling insurance carriers to check the status of your claims
  • Tracking unpaid procedures and sending Letters of Medical Necessity when necessary
  • Resubmitting claims to an insurance carrier, when necessary
  • Filing Appeals
  • Notification to our clients regarding any “Incomplete Claims” which were unable to be processed as a result, or when additional information is required by the insurance carrier to adjudicate your claims
  • Posting payments to your insurance claims
  • Financial reports that reflect Claims submitted and claims paid
  • Generate patient statements (30-90 days)