Why Outsource

WHY OUTSOURCE with Healthcare Billing Resource LLC

  • Frees you of the burden of billing & collections.
  • Reduces staff which eliminates sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, etc.
  • Eliminates costly & unproductive training periods.
  • No capital investment in software and/or hardware.
  • Allows you to focus on the treatment of your patient along with generating new business.
  • Fees based on collection results. We don’t get paid until you are.

Healthcare Billing Resource LLC’s primary goal is to submit “clean” medical claims each time. “Clean” medical claims mean faster revenue. Improper medical claim filing causes a high percentage of rejected claims and delayed payments to providers. Rejected and re-processed medical claims directly impact the cash flow position of any medical practice. These denied medical claims generally require extensive follow-up and resubmissions prior to actual payment by the carrier.