“I have had the pleasure of working with Jocelyn Positos for over 15 years during my 20 years in the very demanding claims industry. She was my account contact when we first started working together. I relied heavily on her to quickly provide me with pertinent documentation on a daily basis. Jocelyn had counterparts in 17 other States that I also relied on for the same documentation. Jocelyn was the only account contact that I work with for for over ten years that reliably provided me with documentation. In fact, she often provided me with documentation for other States because I just couldn’t get a response from some of her counterparts. She regularly went out of her way to help me with any request, whether it was her job or not.

When I became a claims branch manager in 2001, I hired Jocelyn as a claims representative for my branch even though she had not worked as a claims adjuster for several years. This is unusual in my industry, however, there was no doubt in my mind that Jocelyn could be trained quickly and as I expected, she quickly became the most accurate, talented claim representative in my office. Her audit scores covering over 40 different items were 100% which never occurred with another adjuster on my staff during the four years I managed that office.

In addition to her uncompromising attention to detail and accuracy, Jocelyn is a good and honest person. She is great to work with, a hard worker and she has a high level of integrity. I am absolutely certain, that after working with Jocelyn for a short while, you will realize that you have no other vendor or business associate that provides you with the high quality of service that you are receiving from Jocelyn.”

Eileen S
Sacramento, CA

“Jocelyn Positos has been managing my billing for six weeks now (since May, 2008), and what a relief! As a sole practitioner in private practice as a psychologist, it was hard to turn over all my so-called billing systems to someone else, even though it was taking me eight hours a month, plus countless follow up phone calls to the insurance companies to get paid. Although we have just started working together, I can already see the benefits as the checks appear, with very little effort on my part. Jocelyn is thorough, professional, totally trustworthy and up-to-date on HIPAA and other confidentiality issues. She follows up quickly with the insurance companies and is sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of collecting money from mental health patients. She is really available 24/7, and has me organized AND happy — not an easy task. I would recommend her to any small or large practice with a busy professional who wants more time, more accuracy. And, I believe her service pays for itself in better fee collection.”

Virginia G, Ph.D.
Redondo Beach/Manhattan Beach/Rolling Hills Estates, CA

“Jocelyn has been heaven-sent! She is reliable and thorough. She takes care of my billing needs promptly and her services have been invaluable to me. As a result of using her, my time has been freed-up which allowed me to focus on other parts of my business. I highly recommend her.”

Louella C, LMFT
Torrance, CA

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jocelyn. She has been instrumental in helping our organization to become a certified medicare provider. She is an expert in her field and responded to our needs with urgency and grace. I look forward to further our relationship on future projects.”

Patricia D
Long Beach, CA

“I have now known Jocelyn for a couple of years (since February, 2009). She demonstrates knowledge of her field, great problem solving skills to get me paid, and has been there for me to answer my big and small questions with clarity and patience. Thank you, Jocelyn.”

Robin D, LCSW
San Pedro, CA

“Healthcare Billing Resource is a wonderful service. Jocelyn handles all my billing effectively and efficiently. This allows me to focus on my practice. I recommend her to any mental health practitioner who works with patients with insurance.”

Janet B, LMFT
San Pedro, CA

“This letter is written on behalf of Jocelyn Positos and the excellent service she provides through her company Healthcare Billing Resource.

I met Jocelyn a couple of years ago (2008) at a BNI seminar and was impressed with her friendly demeanor and helpful attitude. I was interested in hiring her after reading a newsletter that she had offered to send me about her business. The decision to hire Jocelyn has been the best money spent for my business that I have ever made. She has gotten me much more organized and I was able to collect on accounts that I didn’t think was possible. She is responsible, reliable, knowledgeable and a real asset to my business. I don’t know how I lived without having Jocelyn’s services as a sole practitioner! I am grateful for her business skills and highly recommend her to any practitioner who needs billing services.”

Elle W, Psy.D.
Downey, CA

“Since Jocelyn has become my billing person, I have finally begun to be paid what is due to me by the insurance companies. I refer to her as my “gentle barracuda,” a name she clearly deserves. Jocelyn is honest, forthright, and in every way a dedicated, ethical, honorable person, and a professional woman. Trust it.”

Ruth M, Ph.D.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“I have a highly successful psychotherapy practice in San Pedro with two amazing interns. Now, since hiring Jocelyn Positos to handle our substantial billing needs, the practice has had it’s most profitable month on record. Jocelyn is a full service health care biller; she takes care of all the details so we don’t have to.”

Artemis T, LMFT
San Pedro, CA

“I am extremely pleased with Healthcare Billing Resource. I find Jocelyn very professional, prompt, and to be someone who goes above and beyond in her service. She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to give me the time I need as a clinician to answer my questions. She is very detail-oriented and I trust her with my billing knowing that I will be paid quickly and that all my bills will be submitted accurately. Jocelyn is courteous and polite and very available to converse about any questions that I have. I’ve had two other billing services previously and I would rank Healthcare Billing Resource as my first choice when recommending a billing service to a colleague.”

Mark H, LMFT
San Pedro/Hermosa Beach/Huntington Beach/Long Beach/Encino, CA

“Jocelyn Positos has been my Biller for one year (since April, 2010). I highly recommend her to work with physicians and other health professionals. Ms. Positos has been highly reliable, punctual, meticulous and professional in generating billing and follow-up on payments. Ms. Positos conforms to legal requirements of HIPAA and her billing statements are well done. She also keeps very organized tabs on delinquent payments. Ms. Positos communicates promptly when my information to generate a bill is insufficient and when I have a question about the billing process. She also has provided a template for collecting payment on late cancellations and will strongly pursue credentialing on further insurance panels if requested.”

Barry E, M.D.
Manhattan Beach, CA

Healthcare billing resource and jocelyn are an incredible resource for my office. They are extremely fast and reliable. I cant even remember a claim that they could not recover over the last 2 years.

Michael K, L.Ac.
Encinitas, CA

Healthcare Billing Resource has been the best company I’ve used to help me manage all my insurance patients. I believe with their help, claims have been paid much faster and that with them I’ve been able to concentrate more on my career rather than doing insurance billing. Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your company does for me! I would DEFINITELY recommend them!

Mieko S, L.Ac.
Encinitas, CA

Jocelyn Positos of Healthcare Billing Resource provides excellent services. She is prompt and efficient. She has the ability to understand the complex insurance world and make it simple for the rest of us. I highly recommend Ms. Positos to any therapist needing a Medical Insurance Specialist.

Linda N, LMFT
Long Beach, CA

“Jocelyn and Healthcare Billing Resource have been a tremendous help to my practice. She took care of all my insurance-based needs such as checking for eligibility, copayment amounts, claims processing, appeals and much more. She was instrumental in helping get my ILWU claims paid with her persistence and relentless contact with claims administrators. Her super quick and efficient billing of claims resulted in a steady flow of payments and income for my practice. Healthcare Billing Resource is a valuable resource for all health related practices and offices!”

Liana D, Psy.D.
San Pedro, CA

“Jocelyn Positos is responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Her expertise allows us to maintain our creativity and focus on the patient. Thank you Jocelyn!”

Rancho Palos Verdes/Manhattan Beach, CA

“Since early 2012, Jocelyn Positos of Healthcare Billing Resource has been handling my billing and collections. Her quality of customer service, prompt billing, collections, and follow-up on unpaid claims has been excellent. I have no reservations in giving her my highest recommendation.”

Steven C, MD
Manhattan Beach, CA